Iranian passengers

The tragedy of the Malaysia Airlines airplane that was shot down on July 17th seems unique in its kind. But it wasn’t the first time a passenger aircraft became involved in a war. In 1988 an Iranian airbus was shot down by the USS Vincennes, a ship that was in the strait of Hormuz to […]

Early Glory

The beginnings of human settlement in Ukraine are quite fascinating. The country has rich farmland and other natural resources, and was much contested by warring nomadic tribes, the Greeks and those coming in the Great Migration of Peoples. We don’t know much about this era, unfortunately, because there are very few primary records. The Scythians, […]

I spy

It’s ridiculously easy to spy on someone. And cheap. Sure, the NSA post 9/11 are very well off, spying for them doesn’t have to be cheap. But the waiters enlisted by someone unknown in Poland, to spy on the country’s elite in their fav restaurants and bars? As listening in becomes easier and cheaper, should […]

The Dark Side

The internet is a terrible thing. No, just kidding, I love it and couldn’t do without it. But this weeks’ trio of international newsmagazines does raise some sticky issues about the dark side of the web. Teenagers in America (and presumably elsewhere) are finding new ways to be evil to each other on the internet. Bullying […]