Review: Bloodlands

If you can read Timothy Snyder’s Bloodlands and feel fine, go about your life as normal, I suggest you see a doctor. Death in this book is so omnipresent, so banal in a way, that it’s pretty much impossible to feel nothing. This book shows what happens if human lives (or some human lives) are […]

How did it end?

Today, I’d like to take a look at developments in things we’ve discussed in the past. Often, when journalist write an alarmist article about an upcoming event which then passes without a hint of the chaos that was predicted, it’s hushed up. Journalists and analysts seldom write ‘I was wrong’. I think they should. It […]

Tuesday Links

This week, TNIC is coming back! The first full post will be tomorrow’s, so please enjoy this offering of links in the meantime. I knew Russia’s Vladimir Putin had an interesting take on the world today, but it seems history doesn’t escape his revision either. This extract from the film ‘Drone’ shows us pilots deciding about […]