“Feeling happy is something we’re still waiting for in Libya.” – Salah Marghani, Minister of Justice of the State of Libya. I think Mr. Marghani started today’s Sackler lecture knowing the power of his words. He is after all a lawyer, who battled the dark forces of the Ghadhafi regime for most of his working […]


I’m reading like crazy these days, trying to get to grips with the monumental subject I want to cover on this blog. One of the patterns that is standing out to me is the importance of the rule of law. The problem is again twofold, like the tax problem discussed here earlier. Corporations and entrepreneurs […]

Turkey Reading

I┬ácan’t aim to provide context about world news and skip the recent protests in Turkey. In recent years, I’ve read more and more about the authoritarian tendencies within this democratic country. I don’t however at this time have the knowledge to inform you fully. Instead, I would like to share with you what I’ve been […]

Global Tax

Tax evasion creates two kinds of inequality, between people and between countries. Companies evading taxes by diverting their profits to a country with a very low tax regime for businesses, create competition in tax rates between countries, eventually causing lower tax incomes for governments worldwide. In the meantime, the country where they operate but don’t […]

Business says no

Yesterday a group of eminent business leaders in Great Britain said no to a possible Brexit from the EU. In a letter to the Independent they stated that the EU had brought Britain an income increase, and leaving could cause trouble for British business, the City in particular. Curiously, the interest of economics and business […]

The Brits and the EU

When I heard Ian Hislop say, a few years ago, that he’d love to stand on the edge to watch the eurozone crash and burn (I’m paraphrasing, not quoting), I was flabbergasted. How on earth could he think that the economy of the UK, which is inextricably linked with the eurozone economy, would not come […]