Sarko Benefits

This very funny post appeared in social media from France, after former president Nicholas Sarkozy had managed to put himself in nearly every press photo of last Sunday’s manifestation. Sarko is back, thanks to the Charlie Hebdo Massacre. In the French presidential elections in 2017, it seems very likely the former president will at least […]

Tuesday Links

I’m going to spend 6 hours on a train on Friday! This is a good thing! I can finally read my entire Pocket! So excited to read the following: Žižek’s take on the Charlie Hebdo massacre, and what it means for humanity, in the New Statesman. About the horrible things that can happen during travel […]


The horrible attack on Charlie Hebdo is so fresh it’s very hard to see its context. We don’t know who did it, or why exactly, or even what exactly happened. I recommend @AFP for the latest news. This brutal attack on the razor sharp and thoroughly funny paper (excellent for one’s French) is indescribable, at […]