The Brits and the EU

Ian Hislop by Tristram BiggsWhen I heard Ian Hislop say, a few years ago, that he’d love to stand on the edge to watch the eurozone crash and burn (I’m paraphrasing, not quoting), I was flabbergasted. How on earth could he think that the economy of the UK, which is inextricably linked with the eurozone economy, would not come crashing down with it?

Now, the eurozone and the UK economies are both tottering along, still on the edge of Hislop’s envisioned abyss. But his view, that the UK should step back and let the eurozone crash, has taken root among the British. Following a great local election result for UKIP, the nationalist party, many Tories want their gingerly pro-European leader David Cameron to hurry up and have his referendum on continued EU-membership.

Opinion polls say that a majority of British voters would like to pull out of the EU. This to me creates a set of questions that I’ll explore on TNIC in the future. Two years ago it seemed like the British economy would suffer inconceivably from a Brexit, is that still true? What would an exit mean historically? Why are the British such skeptics of the EU?

Do you have more and better questions? Is there another subject you think I should be devoting my time to? Please let me know through the comments below!

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