Tuesday Links

As you’ve no doubt noticed I’m cheating and running behind on my schedule. I’m as behind on my reading as on everything else, but I thought I’d let you know about these three new additions to my list.
To get back on track on Boko Haram, I hope to have time very soon for this comprehensive piece by the Guardian. It promises to bring you up to speed on the terrorist’s movements so far.
For a look ahead I’ll be turning to The Diplomat, who are examining the future for Afghanistan after the Americans leave┬áin this weeks podcast.
And finally this piece about inequality has been going viral, so I’ll read it to stay up to date on that debate.
Incidentally, someone gave me Piketty’s book for St. Nicholas. I’m kind of hesitant to start in it, because I don’t know wether it’s worth it. And I’ve read it’s not a great read. What do you think?

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